POV Application Service

Valve Safe Solutions’ POV Application Service was developed to provide the end user with the proper selection of powered operators. With over 25 years of experience in POV application, you can be sure Valve Safe Solutions will provide a robust selection that will perform under the most stringent conditions.

For applications involving new valves, we utilize the valve manufacturers design recommendations for the type of operator requested. Valve Safe Solutions’ operator selections apply all appropriate safety factors whether based upon the end user’s or the valve manufacturer’s standards. All adaption required between the valve and the operator is designed using the valve manufacturer’s top works drawings and the operator manufacturer’s mounting base.

For applications involving existing valves, Valve Safe Solutions will make a site visit to verify all valve parameters. This will include the manufacturer, type, size, pressure class, and general condition of the valve. In addition, top works dimensions will be taken and compared to any available top works drawings from the manufacturer. In some cases, this may require the partial disassembly of the gearbox to gain access to the valve stem. Where access to the all of the required dimensional data is not possible due to operational considerations, Valve Safe Solutions can still provide the operator selection, however, we may not be able to design any adaption required until such time that the data is available.