POV Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program

The periodic inspection of power operated valves is an extremely important part of facilitating safe and efficient valve/operator functions. The establishment of Valve Safe Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program on an annual or semi-annual  basis will not only aid in lowering overall operating expenses and help to avoid untimely and costly “down time” due to equipment failure, it will greatly enhance the safety of all plant operating personnel. The implementation of Valve Safe Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program, on a regular schedule, will also provide the customer with many cost and safety benefits. The dependable, safe, and efficient operation of your power operated valves is our objective.

Valve Safe Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program is typically performed on both On-Line (valves in service) and Off-Line (valves not in service) valves. Generally speaking, the inspection of Off-Line valves permits a more thorough evaluation of the equipment. On-line valves may have a variety of safety and operational considerations that could limit the access to some valve/operator features. In all case, power to the operators should be isolated and there should not be any mechanical load on the operator.

Valve Safe Solutions provides an individual valve/operator report that records all pertinent valve and operator manufacturer’s data. The inspection will provide an analysis of the valve and operator’s existing mechanical and electrical condition and recommend particular areas of concern as related to operational considerations and safety. In addition, Valve Safe Solutions will advise the customer of any relevant precautions that equipment manufacturer may recommend. 

Valve Safe Solutions also offers a Spare Parts Inventory Program. When combined with our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program, the result is a comprehensive approach to the safe and efficient function of your power operated valve demands.

Inspection of On-Line Equipment

Prior to initiating the inspection of any on-line equipment, the power to the operator must be turned off. Special considerations exist for any inspection of equipment that is actively on-line or in service. Generally, such equipment can’t be completely inspected or evaluated due to a variety of safety and operational issues. In some cases, cycle testing is not recommended or even possible because of system considerations. The inspection of on-line equipment would be determined by these issues and may differ from one situation to another. As such, on-line inspections may not result in a comprehensive evaluation of the operator and/or valve condition. That being said, insight as to the overall condition of the operator/valve combination can still be determined and would provide valuable information towards further maintenance and safety recommendations. These units should be “flagged” for an off-line inspection when available.

Inspection of Off-Line Equipment

Prior to initiating the inspection of any off-line equipment, the power to the operator must be turned off. When possible, the valve to which the operator is coupled should be isolated from the system or the pipeline pressure relieved. This will eliminate any possibility of pipeline pressure acting on the valve stem. It is imperative that there be no mechanical load on the operator during inspection. Some internal parts, mainly gearing, are not possible to fully evaluate without the removal and complete teardown of the operator and, as such, are beyond the scope of this inspection survey.